We all need a holiday, but organizing the trip can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. After all you have to:

·         Find accommodation

·         Book flights

·         Apply for leave

·         Budget

While travel agents can do a lot for you, times are tough when it comes to money and we are all trying to save as much as we can – rather spend on your actual holiday after all. Times are hard these days. Whether it is a last minute booking (oh, the sudden break or being spontaneous) or something that has taken more thought, at Wales Hotels we can help you make your dream holiday come true. No matter where in Europe you want to go.

How Can We Help You?

We specialize in accommodation and we know Europe like you know your back garden. We go there all the time (yes, lucky us) so you know that our website has the best deals when it comes to accommodation. We have been in the travel industry for more than twenty years and understand that everyone has different ideas about what a good holiday is. For some it means adventure, for others it is all about lazing about and then you get those people who just want to indulge their senses.

We also know that hotels get expensive and sometimes they are not what you need anyway. Being on holiday means actually having the time to cook and have lazy lunches in the sun instead of being told to arrive for breakfast promptly at 7am. We also know that this is a lot cheaper which is why we have decided to be ourselves and skip the hotel and bed and breakfasts and specialize in offering you the best self catering accommodation in Europe. Yes, you save money and have fun…

Holiday Rentals Are Perfect…

Whether you are travelling as a number of families or are getting ready for the sightseeing adventure of a lifetime with your mates, it makes sense to rent a place instead of booking into a hotel. It’s cheaper, it’s yours for the entire time and you don’t have to deal with other guests who might just make you want to go back home (not that we can promise that family or friends won’t). We have holiday rentals all over Europe including popular destinations like the following;

1.    France

2. Italy

3. Spain

4. Germany

5. Russia

6. Ukraine

7. Switzerland

8. Holland

9. Czech Republic

10. Portugal


So it really does not matter what side of Europe you would like to see, we can help you, we have all the solutions for you. If you don’t know what you want to do browse around and let us give you a few ideas that are bound to blow your mind.

You want to know more about our services or your question has not been answered as yet? Simply fill in your details above and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Our happy customers say;

Thank you Wales Hotels for the best holiday I’ve ever had! The accommodation looked exactly the same as in the pictures on the website and the service was even better. I will definitely be using Wales Hotels for my next trip.

By Dylan Gould
The Beta Fish france Company

I booked a last minute trip to the Champagne region in France through Wales Hotels and I couldn’t have asked for better service and value for money. Staff members were always courteious on the phone and answered all of my questions, no matter how mundane. Thanks!

By Jessica Bevan
White Pencil america

I have always wanted to visit Tuscany and decided to ask Wales Hotels for help. It was definitely worth it. The recommendations were excellent and the self-catering accommodation perfect for a quiet holiday in the culinary capital of the world. I am planning on going to Spain next, no guesses as to who I will be using!

By Sarah Quinn
Texas, USA

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